One-Click Deploys with Azure, Terraform, and Traefik

6 minute read Published: 2023-09-24

The objective of DevOps is simplicity. But with so many moving parts, getting the Rube Goldberg machine to run without a hitch is challenging even under the best circumstances. Recently, I had a need for a rapid deployment of a LetsEncrypt-enabled web service, and I was tired of doing, well, any manual steps. So I buckled down and figured out how to get an app deployed with a real domain and a real cert in a single move.

Here's how I got it done. Hopefully this process can be of use for you.

Homelab Essential Questions

7 minute read Published: 2023-07-26

This post is a preview of the upcoming book, The Homelab Almanac, by yours truly.

Why do you want to build a homelab?

"'Cause it seems fun," is a perfectly valid answer on a lot of levels! Unfortunately, it doesn't provide a lot of information about what equipment we need, or how we'll set it up in our home. For that, we need to dive into the nitty gritty of both intention and circumstance for your future lab.